Sabina Kethelz
Business Development Manager, Internationalisation
Odense Robotics

Sabina Kethelz has a background in helping businesses scale as well as working within robotics and alongside clusters and strengthening their ecosystems. At Odense Robotics, Sabina is responsible for helping the robotics and automation industry in and around Odense grow internationally.

Sabina will moderate the Export Summit.


Gerd Meier zu Köcker
Managing Director
ClusterAgentur Baden-Wurttemberg

Gerd Meier zu Köcker will provide participants with insights into how other cluster collaborations have increased export levels and helped create a stronger demand for the products and services of the clusters. Gerd Meier zu Köcker will also give specific recommendations on how the Danish robotic industry can work closer and more strategically with the German industry.


Valdemar Christensen
UN SDG Accelerator

Valdemar Christensen will talk about the many opportunities of the UN SDG Accelerator and how it can help accelerate the market presences significantly through the UN network. Many large and established Danish companies have been part of the accelerator programme, and we will explore the opportunities of the robotics field.


Eric Wanscher
Education Director and Danish Farm Concept Representative
Academy of Agricultural Business Danmark

Eric Wanscher will share his experiences with and practical insights on how you can organise yourself in an export consortium. Danish Farm Concept is a very successful Danish export consortium building on Danish traditions and know-how. Eric Wanscher will also share insights on what Danish Farm Concept is currently looking for within robotics and tech to maintain their market shares.




Jack Yang
Invest Manager
Invest in Denmark

Jack Yang will talk about the current export possibilities found in China. In week 38, the Shanghai Innovation Center will once again welcome Danish robotic companies to join a delegation to China to meet potential distributors, R&D partners and investors. Here you will gain insights on what the possibilities are and how to prepare yourself for the Chinese market.



Marco Prueglmeier

Marco Prueglmeier, Project Manager of Innovation and Industry 4.0 Logistics and

Mario Trautner, Team Leader of Processes, Series Integration and Series Production, BMW Group

The BMW Group is working to get a more sustainable production and has set ambitious goals on what to achieve. They will also share insights on how they will choose their robotics integrators going forward.



Søren Aarhus, Business Development Manager, Supply Chain, Odense Robotics and

Kristian Skaarup, CEO, Lorenz Technology

Odense Robotics will facilitate a new Innovation Sprint programme. In short, a business presents its automation challenge to several members of the Odense Robotics cluster. The companies then present their suggested solutions to the business at a pitching event. Finally, the business decides whether to explore collaboration further.

Learn more about the programme from a specific case that Lorenz Technology participated in.


Joachim Marc Christensen

Network Manager

Global Compact Network Denmark

Learn more about the UN Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – and how the robotics industry can use the Sustainable Development Goals to redefine purpose, address negative impacts, and find new business opportunities.

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