“I’m looking forward to creating a platform where the traditional robotics can meet their users and meet new potential partners from the digital world.

Some of the companies that I help accelerate are particularly adept at developing new software and new applications for robots so we can use robotic solutions in new industries and for new tasks that we did not think was possible a few years ago. The intelligent software keeps moving the limit of what we can use the robot technologies to. In which contexts and industries they can be used. Just as software helps to move the limit for who can use robot technologies.

Therefore, I look forward to a future with the robot trade fair at Odense Congress Center being the place, where new ideas are born in the intersection of robot technologies and digital intelligent solutions. It is therefore natural that it should be the place where we can show future users of robotic technologies across sectors that robots with the right software are intuitive to use – and that you do not have to be a highly qualified engineer to use the technologies like aids in their everyday lives.”

Sabina Kethelz
CEO, C.I.P. Consulting Group

“Blue Ocean Robotics attends the R-18 to meet companies that will be able to use robotics to create new products, marketing and business opportunities. At Blue Ocean Robotics we are making new generations of robots to the world market. We do this in partnership with other companies, where we take the lead in robotics and the common development of the robots, while our partners lead production and global sales.”

Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard
Co-CEOs, Blue Ocean Robotics

“Denmark and Odense in particular are the frontrunners in the development of industrial collaborative robotics. The R-18 is therefore the ideal place to gather inspiration for how to utilize robotics in a wide range of applications and see the technological trends on its way. The exhibition is also a great place to see how society and business can collaborate on new applications and technological solutions. I look forward to participating in R-18 and discuss how US experiences can be utilized in Denmark.”

Henrik I. Christensen, award winning professor / director, UC San Diego

“At WallMo, one of the few robot companies serving the construction industry, we are looking forward to meeting customers and development partners at R-18. The exhibition provides the best framework for focusing on the benefits of integrating robot technology in an industry where the possibilities are many.”

Lars Andresen
CEO, WallMo

“We at UVD Robots welcome R-18 to Odense. Not only is Odense the center of Denmark and Danish robot development, it’s also very easily accessible. At UVD Robots, we look forward to being inspired by a comprehensive conference program and meeting customers and stakeholders from different industries where our robot and UV disinfection technology can be applied.”

Per Juul Nielsen
CEO, UVD Robots

“The robot cluster of Funen is one of the world’s leading. The 120 companies in the cluster already employs 3,200 people and it is my clear ambition that Odense will house the world’s leading cluster for robot development, production and application. The robot exhibition is an obvious venue which robot companies can use to showcase nationally and internationally for customers, collaborators and the new workforce that several companies are struggling to recruit.”

Peter Rahbæk Juel, Mayor of Odense

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