Great german interest in R-18


The Robotmesse R-18 is experiencing great interest from the German market. Now, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is participating in a number of projects that they back up. There is also great interest from German companies and Invest in Bavaria

It is not only in Denmark that there is a great interest in the new robot fair R-18, which opens the doors for the first time on September 11th – 13th September. Also in Germany they are occupied by the robot fair in Odense, which means that several EU projects supported by the recognized German university, Technical University of Munich (TUM), are now also part of R-18.

For R-18 there will be a total stand where the various European-funded projects will be presented. These include projects such as ESMERA, HORSE and TerriNet, which help boost innovation in the robot industry in Europe by providing financial support and guidance to SMEs and researchers.

– The R-18 brings together the robot industry in a forum for innovation, inspiration and networking. We are looking across Europe for potential partners or solution providers for our European projects, so it makes sense for us to be part of R-18, says Dr. Adam Schmidt, researcher at TUM, and continues:

“We see Denmark and especially Odense as a strong city when it comes to the robot industry. Denmark is consistent among the leading countries when we look at the European Digital Transformation Scoreboard. And I think that Denmark, with its prominent universities, research institutes, robot clusters and successful robot companies, has all the prerequisites for becoming a European robot center.

In addition, representatives from Fraunhofer, Frank Emilka, Thomas Regout International, Magazino and DLR Institute of Robotics also attend R-18.

German companies and institutions choose routes to R-18
Among the German companies and institutions there is also great interest in the new robot fair. This means that some heavyweight from the German robot industry will participate with representatives at the fair.

It is Fraunhofer, Frank Emilka, Thomas Regout International, Magazino and DLR Institute of Robotics.

At the same time, the public entity that promotes business opportunities in Bavaria, Invest in Bavaria, has also expressed great interest in R-18 as they want to promote their network of German companies.

R-18 turns up for communication in Germany
In connection with the great interest from Germany, R-18 has increased its marketing in Germany. This is done by working with a German PR agency, which will spread the knowledge of R-18 among other things. at the German chambers of commerce in northern Germany and relevant German professional media.

The hope is to attract more visitors from Germany to R-18 d. 11-13 September in the Odense Congress Center.

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