The robots are settled, and they’ve become part of our everyday lives. R-18 therefore focuses on the benefits of getting the technology out and working in new industries where companies from different industries will give concrete examples of how it has strengthened their business to apply technology in new and innovative ways.

It therefore makes sense to place the robot fair at Fyn because Odense is considered as the epicenter for the development and production of robotics. Every year, hundreds of new jobs are created in the industry in and around Odense, so it is also natural that the industry now has its own specialized trade fair right here.

Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen and Odense mayor Peter Rahbæk Juhl will open the robot fair R-18 together and subsequently hand it over to national and international experts. They all have one thing in common- to make sure that the field of excitement between digitalization, automation and robotics can lead to more strengths among national and international players who have jumped on the automation wave.

A focused forum is created for robot manufacturers and software vendors to meet decision makers, buyers, engineers, entrepreneurs and specialists. In short, a common industry forum for the entire robot industry, where innovation, inspiration, knowledge, sales and network are in absolute high-seat.

Each trade day will have its own conference theme, where national and international companies and keynote speakers will go on stage and focus on the theme of the day. ALL CAN PARTICIPATE, and there is free entrance.

Welcome to the R-18.

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Book your stand

E-18 Denmark’s largest Electronics Fair & R-18 Denmark’s new Robotics Fair.

The fairs are held simultaneously, having their own individual focus and exciting conference programs, workshops and exhibitions.

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