The time is right for a new conversation on robotics

A conversation that takes us beyond start-up culture, innovation hype and fear of robotics taking over our jobs. One that anchors robotics in society with human answers to robotics progress and the greatest societal challenges.

That is the conversation we are having in Odense, Denmark, on June 25 and 26. Just before the Tinderbox event in Odense. Across four tracks, we examine the ways robotics and drones shape our societies. We ask what really happens when robotics impact the way we eat, learn, work, tap our resources and build our future.

And why do so in Odense, Denmark?

This is the place where robot heroes grow. Where ideas come to life. Where the boundaries of what’s possible are always changing. And where people and technology evolve – together.

Here, being a hero is a mindset. An entrepreneurial spirit. A relentless curiosity for technology. An irresistible need to innovate. In our heroes’ minds, there are no boundaries; just possibilities. With this mindset, ordinary people grow to become robot heroes, redefining the realm of technology and enriching our world.

This is Odense. And this is where the robotics cluster has its roots. One of the world’s top robotics clusters located in the city of Odense, Denmark. Here you will find more than 120 companies and more than 3,200 specialists innovating within robotics and automation. You’ll also find one of the best robotic incubators in Europe. More than 40 education programmes. And a university recognised internationally for robotics research.

So of course, Odense is the place to further discuss how robotics can create a positive impact on our global challenges.

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